Quality Policy

“We strive to be the best at all times”

We want to be known as the most professional, transparent and reliable Car Rental and Leasing Company in the UAE.

We are committed to deliver complete satisfaction and build loyalty by providing superior service and transparent documentation that continually exceeds the customer’s needs and expectations.

We are committed to comply with all government rules and regulations applicable to our industry and we have established systems and procedures to ensure the same.

We strive to enhance knowledge, motivate and train our staff to acquire the necessary skills to ensure continual improvement of our Quality Management System in our endeavor to be the best in the field and we ensure that our Quality Policy is well communicated and understood by the staff within the organization.

We are committed and have established systems to review all our stated quality objectives on an ongoing basis to ensure the continuous improvement and effectiveness of our QMS and to ensure the suitability to our industry, international standards, customer needs and expectations.