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How to Decide on Your Car Lease Duration? Here are Some Tips to Help You

Despite the fact that the UAE aims to expand and improve the public transportation system around the country, the certain thing is to wait for a bus in 45 degrees above zero heatwaves. It equals to the harshest ordeal for ordinary citizens and especially for tourists eager to explore the country instead of hiding in air-conditioned shopping centers. That is why moving around the country by car tends to be a more attractive and comfortable opportunity, especially given that the UAE offers a vast range of car rental and car leasing services. No matter you are looking for a car lease in Abu Dhabi or want to rent a car in Dubai, you will always find a plethora of choices on a short-term or long-term basis that will satisfy your needs and ensure your comfortable stay in the UAE.

The Advantages of Long-Term Car Lease

Firstly, let us discuss what long-term car leasing means? It is usually associated with the contract that is going to last for more than 12 months. Twelve months’ period is not a limit since. The long-term lease can last from three to five years. Thus, you can enjoy your car for an extended time without the necessity to face the issue of thinking about possible ways to move around the city or country every time in need to change your location.

One more advantage of car lease in Dubai lies in the money-saving opportunity. If you want to lease a car for a longer time, you are sure to save a decent amount of money on rental since the monthly payments for more extended periods is lower than the fee for shorter ones. For instance, you can witness yourself that monthly car rental in Dubai can be profitable for your wallet. Therefore, if your primary concern is to reduce your monthly payments while enjoying a comfortable drive, long-term car lease in Dubai can be a lucrative way-out.

The permission for the increased mileage can be the other detrimental advantage of long-term car rental in Dubai. If you need a car for traveling purposes or in case you have to drive a lot because of work-related issues, this variant will suit you since the longer your lease lasts, the more increased your mileage allowance becomes. Thus, the general understanding about the time you are going to spend in the driver’s seat plays a vital role in deciding between the short-term and long-term lease.

Does Short-Term Car Rental Have Any Pros?

In comparison to the long-term lease, short-term car rent lasts between one and twelve months. You are bound to enjoy this time with much sense if you decide, for example, to rent a car in Sharjah or opted for car hire in Dubai, you don't have to worry about car maintenance or feel anxious about possible inconveniences caused by the need to repair the car. The reason is that the car leasing service provides a thorough car examination before giving it to a potential client. Thus, the cars for short lease have more clients and, consequently, more checks. So, you can rest assured that the vehicle you take has undergone numerous checks over a certain period. Also, it is less likely to break while you are on your way.

What is more, short-term car leasing can prevent you from possible problems with car rental services. The thing is that you have to return your car in perfect condition. If you feel that looking after the vehicle and maintaining it for an extended period, make you uncertain and anxious, you would better choose short-term lease. It is essential to avoid any damage to return the car and protect yourself against any fees successfully.

The last but not least, if you are a genuine car lover, you might understand how challenging it might be to choose the best car for your satisfaction. You might think that you have found the one, but after some time you see that it is not the thing you were looking in Dubai. In this situation, short-term car lease provides you with the unique opportunity that neither long-term lease nor buying a car can give you. After your contract expires, you can easily change your vehicle for the other alternative that seems appropriate for you. Thus, you will be able to gain more experience in driving various cars and find the option that suits you the best.

Still Cannot Decide?

The decision to lease a car for short or for a more extended period is entirely up to you. With no doubt, you should, first and foremost, evaluate the time of your possible stay. If you, for instance, arrived in the UAE for a short journey, it is more profitable to rent a car in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah on a short-term basis. Other crucial factors to consider are your budget, car preferences, your traveling or business route, your readiness to maintain the car in a proper condition, etc. Shortlisting the essential points for you in your car trip can serve as an excellent way to get the things organized. See your main priorities and make a thoughtful decision.

Bottom Line

Traveling by car is the UAE is a fascinating and unique experience that will help you deeply understand the culture and spirit of the country. That is why nothing should disappoint you during your trip. Our reliable car rental service will take care of you and ensure that you will have a safe and comfortable journey with the best cars. Enjoy your stay and forget about anxiety with us!

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